Built-in 1:200 Longitudinal Fall
Fall Right to Left

One Channel Two Directions

Channel Flipped to Change Direction of Flow

Longitudinal Fall Left to Right

Align Top of Channel to Stringline (Poles and Torsion Springs Supplied) 

Holes for Dyna-Bolts are Paralell with Top of Channel & Grate along all Sections  

Channels can be Telescoped to Adjust Length

Slots to Channel for the Support Systems are Spaced at 250mm Intervals              


Support Systems can be Positioned to Match Building Line 

External Corner: Vertical Walls of the Corner Orientated Upwards on the Outside of the Channel

Internal Corner: Vertical Walls of the Corner Orientated Downwards on the Inside of the Channel against the Slab

In-Line Sump positioned in an Internal Corner. Knockouts for Marley Kerb Outlet available on all Sides. 
Marley Kerb Outlet Product Code 765.100 or Bunnings SKU 00857609  

In-Line Sump positioned between Channel on a Straight Run

In-Line Sump positioned on an External Corner

Fascia Encloses the Channel Section: Tabs along Fascia Lock into Concrete Surround 

Grating Attached & Secured with Internal Bolt & Brace (6mm Allen Key)

End Caps Fitted

Grate Corner Units Available (250mm X 250mm)

To Fit Pavers. the Tabs & Top section of the Support System are Trimmed to Fit 

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