Thundaflo HD 200 Series Load Test - Opus Laboratories

Thundaflo E400 (AS3996) Channel Drain being load tested at Opus Laboratories (NZ) to EN1433 Class E600 & F900.

The Australian/NZ standard (AS3996) tests the load rating of the grate only whereas the European standard (EN1433) is more comphensive where it tests the complete system; Grate, Frame, Channel in the reinforced concrete surround. 

Thundaflo regularly load test the system to ensure it complies with published standards. After passing D400 (EN1433) which is the rated standard for this particular system we decided to increase the test to E600 and F900 which is the highest load rating and only specified for airprort & seaports. As a point of reference the loading required on highways is normally C250 (EN1433) or D210 (AS3996),

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