Three Metre Channel Sections being Positioned within Reo Cage

The Height of Each Section in Easily Adjusted with the Independent Positioning System

Sections are Locked into Place on the Fibreglass Rods

Sections in position without the poly insert. note the tension on the fibreglass poles which provide a rigid structure for the concrete pour.

Poly being Inserted to Prevent Wet Concrete Ingress into Channel

Concrete Dumped on top of the Channel with Poly Insert

The Poly Insert assists with Screeding

Concrete Pour & Screeding to Bottom of Channel Frame

Sump End with Hole cut for Outlet Pipe

Sump End with Outlet Pipe Inserted

Shoe-Guard - 8mm Slot

200 Series Cross-Flo Grating - 12mm Slot

125 Series Shoe-Guard - 8mm Slot

300 Series E400 Heavy Duty Shoe-Guard Grating

Hi-Flo Galv Mesh Grating

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