Wero Whitewater Park & Vodaflone Events Centre

Manukau, New Zealand.

Wero Whitewater Park is a staged project designed to be a world class tourism destination that will engage our communities and youth. The first stage is currently underway and will be New Zealand's first facility to offer an artificial river and water course for recreation, sports, emergency services training, school programmes and youth development. It is adjacent to the Vodafone Events Centre and will open in April 2016.

THUNDAFLO was chosen to provide channel drainage for the concourse adjacent to the events centre and around the whitewater coarse.

Each section of drain was designed to provide the optimal hydraulic solution by varying the gradient and capacity of the channel. For example, in one six metre section the depth of the channel was increased from 125mm to 590mm. The ability to custom design THUNDAFLO to optimise according to site conditions at very little additional cost provides a unique competitive advantage resulting in significant savings for our customers.

THUNDAFLO Shoe-guard E400 grates were supplied which caters to each end on the spectrum in terms of loading.

1. Pedestrians wearing stilletto heals

2. Heavy trucks - E400 = 400kN.